A Tainted Hood Love 3

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - With new changes, it puts her and Slugs on a new journey with a second chance. When she meets someone new, Brasi is well aware of the new company. Hood gains another woman on his arm while Nay learns to be by herself. Shonnie doesn’t know who she’s crossing paths with but will soon find out. Calling it a quits with Hood was something she had to do for herself at this point.

With news she never expected, living sober is more than she can bear. Slugga finally is in reality with his feelings, but now he’s being pushed away. When everything else around her is going in all directions, school is her steady peace. The enemies they have accumulated along the way are no secret, and Cando brings forth the surprise of a lifetime, only driving the brothers to find him and end his life.

A Tainted Hood Love 3 #ad - In this last installment, the Gates Brothers are juggling the street life and their women at home like never before. When her breaking point wakes up not just her, but her loved ones too with her mental health, she has to make the commitment of a lifetime to survive. He learns quickly what he has in nay, but will it be of any use at this point when she has become accustomed to doing it all on her own?

The question is, will brasi care in the end, or will he solely feel the betrayal? Will he add more fuel to fire when he does the unthinkable?Inayah has to make the ultimate decision. Just when the going gets good in Hood’s eyes, he left to call on the only person that can save him in the midnight hour.

Separating, the two grow in totally different ways.


A Tainted Hood Love 2

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - While on track to getting her life on the right path, she can’t seem to escape from her past flaws and is left wondering if Hood can even look past them. With feelings invested and betrayal present, the sisters are struggling to hold onto not only their men but the bond between them. With his return home overshadowed by Kasiah’s past betrayal, the two can’t seem to get back on one accord.

We are left wondering will her secrets and past life ruin the future they were building together?Before old wounds can heal within Inayah and Hood’s relationship issues, they found themselves cut again and this wound may be the deepest. Not being one to let go without a fight, Inayah makes a mistake that she has to take head-on.

A Tainted Hood Love 2 #ad - Climbing to the top of the game brings in more money with the return of the Gates brothers, but drama and turmoil aren’t too far behind. Never one to back down, but is it enough to keep them on the right track?Just when Kasiah proves to Slugga that he has a rider in her, Shonnie tries her hardest to stand ten toes down behind her man, she has to expose the secrets that threaten to ruin what they have left to salvage in their unsteady relationship.

Just when shonnie’s relationship with brasi is making turns she never imagined, the late nights and early mornings that come with loving a man who was birthed straight from the streets become an impending issue.


A Tainted Hood Love

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - Louis, shonnie clarkson is finally able to stop her life from spiraling out of control and grow some independence. Moreover, shonnie and Brasi show you first hand that even the strongest loves are sometimes the most tainted. Family secrets are exposed and leave Shonnie scrambling to get her family back to what it was supposed to be.

A Tainted Hood Love #ad - The problem is, she can’t focus on family issues when she crosses paths with the arrogant Brasi Gates. After surviving life in the grimy streets of St. After four years of being away, a returned trip home shows her that while she was doing better, the same couldn’t be said for those she left behind. Money, loyalty, power, and respect was everything to Brasi until Shonnie proved that she’s nothing like the women of his past.

In this fast-paced hood love story, cocaine dreams become crack nightmares. Not one to grow distracted, shonnie is left in shock when Brasi barges into her life, throwing it into a whirlwind of drama and excitement. With his brothers on his side, Brasi runs the streets like no other.


Balla and LaLo's Story: A Tainted Hood Love Spin-Off

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - Spin-off from a tainted hood love series***Ericka's eighteen years of life has always been insulated from a world she has never been able to grace. Raised through harsh discipline, abuse, and protection that her known family fabricated as love. As the years pass, she doesn’t veer from the young love that was a staple in her life until she had no other choice but to.

Being a college student by day and heroin supplier by night, Balla is a young one anticipating life. Not knowing how he is placing a target on his back by involving himself in her life, he pursues her with intentions of valor. With their families falling out, and secrets held, how will they find a way to raise a child in the core of the Cartels' nondealings? Will the tainted love be hung by the compromising events of the past, or will these four break through their barriers for a steadfast love instead? .

Balla and LaLo's Story: A Tainted Hood Love Spin-Off #ad - Brendan “balla” Louis became a single father at a young age. As his release nears, he finds out that he has a child in the world he never knew of, which raises new and pressing issues. Wanting differently, she starts molding her life in a different direction early on. Flawed but maturing, his interest is captured by Ericka the day their eyes are drawn to each other.

She knows no other life until she’s granted the privilege to attend college. Embarking on new territory, along with bad social interaction, she winds up in the eyes of the compelling Balla.


Balla and Lalo's Story 2: A Tainted Hood Love Story Spin-Off

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - Spin-off from a tainted hood love series***As damaged as she is, LaLo has to put it all together when she doesn’t have it all to do so. Once the snakes start shedding their skin, Pierre has no choice but to face being betrayed. Love is what everyone wants in the end, but will they fall victim to the opposite?

Pierre has made it known that Parrish is no afterthought, and co-parenting becomes a new skill. With unveiled veracity from her birth mother, Lo takes on the hardest secret of all that she never thought would come back to shuffle her life around. Ayanna has returned, and she’s not bearing gifts, but hell itself.

Balla has to right his wrongs, even when it´s not wanted. Balla´s past hurt places him in a situation where not just his, but the entire Louis Family could fall into distress. Complicating him and Lo’s relationship, he quickly finds himself facing his truths and regretting his actions. Coming out of isolation, she has a new lifestyle laid before her, but it isn’t at all enough when she’s missing a part of herself.

Balla and Lalo's Story 2: A Tainted Hood Love Story Spin-Off #ad - However, when ivy´s moves become uncalculated, he starts to see differences in what he thought they had. A down bitch only stays down for so long when her heart is not in it, and P finds out the hard way. With the two finest families in Miami, they find their way back in an alliance when Kiera and Parish become targets and death is present.


He Brings Out The Hood In Me 3

Supreme Works Publications #ad - When things don’t go exactly how she wants them, things heat up real fast and Siya is at the center of her rage. Nothing is ever what it seems when envy is in play, and no one can be trusted. Lines are crossed and truths are revealed in the third installment of this jaw dropping hood love story. Will she be able to put her pride to the side and bear his demons or will she be consumed by demons of her own.

At the end of part two all hell broke loose in the lives of the Maler family. While the rest of the family are at the restaurant sorting out family secrets, Kahleno and Sutton’s lives hang in the balance. After revealing that adoreé Maler was born from her womb, she has hopes of rekindling what she felt she lost.

He Brings Out The Hood In Me 3 #ad - This last bomb is enough to push him over the edge and Icelynn may be the only person to help him through his madness, but the way he left her hanging put a bad taste in her mouth. Every time he turns around it’s like something else is standing in the way of his sanity. Will they make it out alive or will the love that they have for one another be proven by the ultimate sacrifice? It seems as if Adoreé just can’t catch a break.

Ziva is on a warpath and anyone with the Maler name is in her sights.


Snatched Up By A Bad Boy

Royalty Publishing House #ad - Even though brynlee is a hood girl at heart, getting out the hood has always been number one on her to-do list. Can the two be what the other truly needs or will they just settle for what they’re already used to? Big house, dream job, and even engaged to her college boyfriend. He went from the slums to the mansion but still, he is missing someone to share it with.

In this love tale, you have two people from the same background but different walks of life. She has it all, about the one thing she desires so desperately, am I really happy? Is my life complete?After getting into it with her fiancé Troy, but she is consistently left wondering, she decides that it is time to let her hair down and escape reality for a while.

Snatched Up By A Bad Boy #ad - Now at the age of 25, she has done just that. But what she isn’t prepared for is the person she finds herself bumping into. Sawyer mcknight, the neighborhood’s bad boy, is now the hood’s hottest rapper.


He Brings Out The Hood In Me

Supreme Works Publications #ad - Will he be able to stay afloat, or will he drown in his own inhibitions?In this tale of love and deceit; loyalty is tested, relationships are put on the line and nobody is safe. When her fiancé’s gambling debt threatens to destroy what she’s built, Sutton puts her foot down just in time to welcome the persistent attention of none other than Kahleno Maler.

The only thing missing in their lives is a companion to share it with. Kahleno maler the middle brother, tried love once before with the mother of his four-year-old son, Kahlil. It was then that kahleno felt that maybe it just wasn’t in the cards for him. Chamber of beauty was her baby and was the one thing that she was most proud of.

He Brings Out The Hood In Me #ad - The catch is, it may cost him Sutton. Once trouble’s gambling debts work their way into Sutton’s business and their relationship, things get rough for the pair. Take this ride to find out if love will prevail. He decided to play the field until the sexy and very taken, Sutton walked into his establishment, then all bets were off.

Sutton chambers, daughter of the infamous Maniac one of the most prolific criminals of his time, worked hard to make away for herself. His blind ambition, get’s him into situations where he puts their financial situation at risk. With his back against the wall, Trouble is offered a way out of all of his debt.


He Brings Out The Hood In Me 2

Supreme Works Publications #ad - With a huge family secret on the horizon, will they be able to get a grasp on the situation or will life blow up in their faces? Her main focus was to take care of her daughter and finish school. Allowing her to get close to him causes some old wounds to resurface, something that he isn’t mentally prepared for.

Hudson stands firm in his reasoning about why he doesn’t want his daughter with a man like Kahleno, and not even Sutton’s feelings will change that. On a mission to show sutton that her father is wrong, he runs across a few issues of his own and they come in the form of his son’s mother, Karson. When he’s forced to look his past in the eye, will he be able to face the pain, or will he blame Icelynn for drudging up old memories?Ego’s and secrets threaten to tear the lives of the Maler’s apart.

He Brings Out The Hood In Me 2 #ad - Can he keep karson’s irrational tactics under control, or will she force her way into their relationship and ruin it forever?After being forced to up and move, Icelynn vowed to close her heart off to men for a while. Will sutton take heed to her father’s warnings or will she follow her heart?When Sutton walked into Kahleno’s life he knew that she was it for him and he vowed to never let anyone come in between that, not even her father.

Sutton’s relationship with kahleno has proven to be everything that she needs after her break up with Trouble but there is just one thing that’s standing in the way of their true happiness, Hudson, her father. When he meets icelynn, better known as Ice at the club he knew right away that she was different.

The last thing on her mind was a man until she walked on the Maler farm and met the man of her dreams, Adoreé. When her past comes looking for her will she be able to be the woman that Adoreé needs or will their past come and ruin them before they even get started.


The Connect Who Took My Heart Away 2

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - After burying the father of her child, Miani has to face her next obstacle of divorcing her crazed husband, Ralph. Only this time, having to fill new shoes in the game, but have they changed enough for the two to realize they want more than to just befriends?Dice, terms have changed, has to swallow taking thebackseat now.

Severing ties with obasi once she oversteps their friendship, her decision to leave placed her back in a place she vowed never to return to. Bearing through her hindrances, Obasi is never too far. His interest never wore out with Dice. With brothers hovering over, she has more than enough time to think about what she possibly entangled with Hosea.

The Connect Who Took My Heart Away 2 #ad - What she once bargained for was nothing close to what came. Experiencing one another in new environments may be what they all need, but will it stop the past from breaking up what’s been consolidated? She willingly left her spot wide open for the next to occupy, leaving her conflicted. When dice and miani have no choice but to face these men head-on, achain of events wraps them in deeper than before.


Wifed Up By A Street Legend

Talehia Presents LLC #ad - Milani didn’t want for anything, yet, she was searching for answers, she felt empty inside, because nothing made sense to her. Kaiszer karter was the son of the infamous Kason Karter. You’ll get to know milani, her best friend Toriyah but also the Karter Brothers, Kaizon and Kaiszer. But when it goes and gets tough, who’s willing to keep their feet planted and fight for the relationship? Will they be standing alone after the dust settles, or will they walk away from all the drama together?

Milani austin had been through hell and back in life. Being groomed for the family business since age thirteen, he never got to live a normal life. Growing up, chill brother, quiet, he was always the relax, who no one really paid attention too. Until something changes her life drastically, causing her to be uprooted once again, and placed in the home of an unfamiliar face.

Wifed Up By A Street Legend #ad - This is no ordinary love story, this is a story that can only be understood through taking a moment to walk in each character’s shoes. After stepping up and providing for his family the only way he knew how, he starts to really get to know himself, and his aura completely changes. This is a story of two couples from completely different backgrounds falling for each other.

He had been through a lot, and seen a lot at a young age, which made him numb to life. At a young age, being adopted by people the complete opposite of her complexion, she had a hard time growing up.