Rainbow in the Mist

Open Road Media Romance #ad -  . Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate. So she’s fled to the peaceful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to stay with her aunt Nona. The unwitting inheritor of her mother’s psychic gifts, the Long Island librarian assists in police investigations, but they’ve become too hard for her to bear.

But christy is soon drawn back into a world of terrifying visions—those of a female hiker who died under suspicious circumstances and an ethereal beauty named Deirdre who vanished into the mountain mist. New york times–bestselling and Edgar Award–winning author Phyllis A. It’s a legacy Christy Loren never wanted.

Rainbow in the Mist #ad - This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Too many victims. Whitney “piles on the suspense” in this novel of superstition, second-sight, and uncanny romantic tension Publishers Weekly. Too many shallow graves. Warned by her mother’s eerie premonitions, threatened by strangers, and aided by Deirdre’s tormented and attractive husband, Christy is beginning to see things no one else can.

A psychic investigates a mysterious disappearance high in the Appalachian Mountains in this novel from a “Grand Master of her craft” Barbara Michaels. If there’s a link between the two mysteries, Christy will find it—if she’s not afraid to look deeper.


Flaming Tree

Open Road Media Romance #ad - Compelled to aid in the boy’s recovery, kelsey visits the Hammonds’ Flaming Tree ranch, where Jody’s tyrannical father, Tyler, has given up hope. On the california coast, a physical therapist unlocks a young boy’s terrible secrets, in this novel from “the Grand Master of her craft” Barbara Michaels.

He now stares into an empty void and hasn’t spoken a single word since the accident. Flaming tree is a twisting tale of deception, danger, and discovery from an Edgar Award–winning and New York Times–bestselling master of suspense. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate.

No sooner does kelsey arrive than she becomes moved by another tragedy: On a bright sunny day, local boy Jody Hammond fell from the Point Lobos cliff into the pounding waves of the Pacific and was left with a devastating brain injury.  . When she begins to fear that jody’s silence is coming from a very dark place, her mission will become one of life and death—because what’s buried in the boy’s memories could be murder.

Flaming Tree #ad - In search of solitude in the wake of her son’s tragic death, recently divorced physical therapist Kelsey Stewart accepts an invitation to stay at her aunt Elaine’s seaside inn in Carmel, California. But as she falls in love with the mysterious Tyler, she also begins to unravel the family’s secrets.

Kelsey can offer that, and the effort might revive her own crushed spirit as well.


The Singing Stones

Open Road Media Romance #ad - But a plea for her services in Blue Ridge country tries Lynn’s compassion. Inside it’s something closer to a nightmare, menace, filled with suspicion, and psychic visions. Ten-year-old Jilly is no random traumatized girl. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A.  . With an absentee mother off in pursuit of her career and a dispirited father, Jilly can only confide in Lynn, whom she trusts with her most shocking secrets—including those involving murder.

Despite the turbulent emotions it stirs in her, Lynn can’t say no. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate. Perhaps this is her last chance to heal her own wounds.  .  . New york clinical psychologist Lynn McLeod has never backed away from a child in need. From the edgar award–winning “queen of the American gothics”: A troubled girl in a remote mountain home grapples with a terrifying secret The New York Times.

The Singing Stones #ad - She’s the daughter of Lynn’s unfaithful ex-husband, Stephen. With premonitions of another death to come, only Lynn can save Jilly—and the man she once loved—from a mystery that’s about to destroy them all. From the new york times–bestselling “master of suspense” Mary Higgins Clark comes a chilling brew of family secrets and paranormal fears that’s “rock-solid, reliable Whitney” Kirkus Reviews.



Open Road Media Romance #ad - On one condition: carol must tell the truth about everything, including Saxon Scott, Monica’s most dashing and enigmatic leading man. Ever since new york journalist carol Hamilton was a young girl, her great-aunt Monica Arlen has been for her the stuff of glittering, starry-eyed fantasy.    . Now, the reclusive movie star offers Carol an escape of another kind.

A woman heads to palm springs to stay with her great-aunt, a Hollywood star with a mysterious past, in this romantic suspense novel by an Edgar Award winner. But as she digs deeper into lore and legend, she discovers that her great-aunt’s secrets run as deep and dangerous as her past. In flight with her son from an abusive marriage, she’s come to Monica’s isolated, fortress-like home on Mt.

Emerald #ad - This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Carol hopes to do research for her biography of a once-celebrated life that has receded into the dark shadows of Hollywood history. Surrounded by an entourage of secretaries, companions, and servants, and to Carol’s surprise, Monica is willing to give Carol and her boy refuge, she’s receptive to telling her story.

Meanwhile, carol is tempted by the prospect of a new man who could heal her wounded heart—or shatter it. Soon carol will find herself entangled in a real-life mystery, and the final scene could very well call for murder. San jacinto in Palm Springs—and not only for sanctuary.


Star Flight

Open Road Media Romance #ad - A movie star’s suicide draws a young woman into the deadly shadows of a Hollywood scandal in this novel from “a master of suspense” Mary Higgins Clark. Now, screenwriter lauren castle has arrived at a Lake Lure resort in the wake of a more recent tragedy: the suspicious death of her husband, a half-century later, a documentary filmmaker who was investigating the legendary Hollywood scandal.

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. More than fifty years ago, victoria frazer and Roger Brandt were the most popular stars of the silver screen—until a notorious and tragic love affair on set in the Appalachians destroyed their lives.    . It was there, at the foot of rumbling bald mountain in Lake Lure, North Carolina, where Victoria drowned herself, and where Roger would remain—drifting into obscurity as a tortured recluse.

Star Flight #ad - Now she must solve a mystery that links two generations, has claimed more than one victim, and has yet to reach its deadly and final fade-out. Whitney “is, and always will be, the Grand Master of her craft” Barbara Michaels. Only one other person knew her secret, Gordon Heath, the couple’s close friend, whom Lauren is inexplicably drawn to.

Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate. Lauren’s husband held the most closely guarded secret of all: She is Victoria’s granddaughter. New york times–bestselling and Edgar Award–winning author Phyllis A.



Open Road Media Romance #ad - Caught in a web of betrayal and lies, her father’s murder, Lindsay will discover the truth about her mother’s death, and her own haunted past. Under the guise of mourning, Lindsay follows the stranger’s advice and heads for Sybil’s home in Sedona. Whitney’s vermilion is perfect for fans of Tony Hillerman, Anne Hillerman, and Margaret Coel.

But what does surprise Lindsay is the anonymous letter she receives implicating her volatile half-sister Sybil in the murder. A new york designer is reunited with her estranged family in Arizona after her father’s murder in this novel of “romantic suspense at its wildest” Cosmopolitan. Manhattan fashion designer lindsay Phillips isn’t surprised to hear her estranged father was beaten to death in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Vermilion #ad - This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A.    . Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate. What she knew about the reckless and philandering low-life wasn’t pretty—least of all the way he treated her dying mother. Set against the backdrop of the colorful Southwest and Native American folklore, Edgar Award winner Phyllis A.

A sordid end to a sordid life. And as this strange and confusing new world closes in on her, and no one, she’ll have nothing, left to trust but her own instincts for survival.


The Glass Flame

Open Road Media Romance #ad - Instead, family jealousy, she is drawn into a tangled and deadly web of disputed fortune, adultery, conspiracy, and murder.    . But despite all that transpired between them, Karen leaves New York City for Belle Isle, in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, to bury her husband. Vietnam veteran david hallam is in tennessee working as an arson investigator for an insurance company when he sends his wife, an unnerving note: “If anything happens to me down here, Karen, don’t let it pass as an accident .

 .  . Ten days later, he dies in a fire and the only thing Karen can feel is guilt—for all the years she wasted in an unsalvageable marriage and for the relief she feels at finally having the sadistic and abusive man out of her life. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. A man’s death in the smoky mountains raises the suspicions of his estranged wife in this suspenseful novel by a New York Times–bestselling author.

The Glass Flame #ad - Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate. Once there, karen can finally put the past to rest—or so she thinks. A new york times–bestselling author and recipient of the Edgar and Agatha Awards, “Phyllis Whitney is, and always will be, the Grand Master of her craft” Barbara Michaels.


The Stone Bull

Open Road Media Romance #ad - The mysterious death of a prima ballerina raises haunting and sinister questions for her twin sister in this novel from “a master of suspense” Mary Higgins Clark. But she had no idea how far it would reach.  . But this time, Ariel didn’t cry wolf. Schoolteacher jenny mcclain is looking forward to a bright future with her new husband, Brandon, in their glorious new home at the McClain family’s Catskill estate in the Shawangunk Mountains.

The Stone Bull #ad - This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. As the pieces of a terrifying puzzle come together, too, Jenny begins to suspect that she, is destined for a doomed fate from which there is no escape. New york times–bestselling and Edgar Award–winning author Phyllis A. Now, among brandon’s family in upstate new york, her mysterious death, hated, there are sinister whispers of guilt and impending danger, and the hold she had over all those she loved, all linked to Ariel—to her celebrated legacy, and feared.

An emotional ballerina in Swan Lake, Ariel’s sanity was known to collapse from a simple injury or bad review. It was the night her twin sister, Ariel, threatened suicide. But jenny can’t forget her past.  .  .


Skye Cameron

Open Road Media Romance #ad - This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Justin law’s scandalous reputation doesn’t stop her from developing feelings for the intense and determined stranger. Now, from the vieux carré to the garden District, Skye must navigate the darkest corners of New Orleans—a pawn in a dangerous game designed to destroy her.

     . With this novel, Edgar Award–winning author Phyllis A. In the wake of her father’s death, with finances dwindling, Louise has accepted an invitation to return to her family home in New Orleans and start fresh. But as soon as skye sets foot in her uncle robert’s dark, latticed mansion in the French Quarter—one ruled by a suspicious quadroon housekeeper—she begins to fear her homecoming is not what it seems.

In nineteenth-century new england, flame-haired skye cameron was proud to be named for the misty island in the Scottish Hebrides where her father had been born—but it was the Creole heritage of her seductive mother, Louise, that would determine her destiny. Whitney once again proves why she is “the Queen of the American gothics” The New York Times.

Skye Cameron #ad - Feeling more outsider than family, comfort, Skye finally finds love, and trust in a man who both provokes and excites her. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate. From a new york times–bestselling author: In New Orleans, a young woman uncovers a family conspiracy only to find solace in a man with a dangerous past.


The Quicksilver Pool

Open Road Media Romance #ad - Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate. Though her most dangerous opposition is yet to come, Lora must face the secrets hidden in the Tylers’ past—including those Virginia took with her to an early grave.  . This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. From a new york times–bestselling author: After the Civil War, a young Confederate bride finds herself living in the shadow of her husband’s first love.

The Quicksilver Pool #ad - The recipient of the Agatha Award for Lifetime Achievement, Phyllis A. Lora knows that she’ll forever be in the shadow of Wade’s adored, devotedly maternal, and peerlessly beautiful first wife. It’s not just lora’s Southern roots among wealthy Yankees that are met with severe disapproval. Having lost her fiancé in battle, not true love, Lora Blair knew it was the heartache of war, a grieving widower who still mourned his late wife, that drew her to Union soldier Wade Tyler, Virginia.

Whitney is “a superb and gifted storyteller” Mary Higgins Clark. Married quickly in the ravished little southern border town where Lora was born, they headed back North to Wade’s Staten Island mansion, where he lives with his motherless son and bitterly unwelcoming family.



Open Road Media Romance #ad -  . In the hawaiian islands, a divorcée is threatened by a dangerous deception from her past, in this novel from “a superb and gifted storyteller”Mary Higgins Clark. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Hawaiian-born caroline kirby was only six years old when her parents died under mysterious circumstances, and she was shuttled off to live with her grandmother in San Francisco.

At first, maui is even more splendid than she remembered, and family and acquaintances more inviting than she could have dreamed—including David Reed, a childhood friend who now offers the possibility of a new romance. Now, after years under the strict governance of the old woman, newly single Caroline is anxious to return to the lush vistas of her island home, the young, followed by an unhappy marriage, reunite with her long-lost relatives, finally defy her eccentric grandmother’s sinister warning to never question the past and never, and above all, ever go home again.

Silversword #ad - Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate. But soon, and everyone she has come to trust is guarding a long-dormant secret so shocking it could not only change her life, where her parents met their fate, in the imposing shadow of the Haleakala volcano, Caroline begins to fear that her entire world has been built on a lie, but end it.

From the edgar and agatha award–winning “queen of the American gothics” The New York Times, Silversword is a novel filled with “ever-reliable scenic suspense” Kirkus Reviews.