Who’s Who in Espionage

Endeavour Media #ad - They have also served as consultants on terrorism for ABC and NBC News. Through telling these spies’ individual stories, they also tell the story of global espionage and how it has changed over the years, from the formal establishment of intelligence services to the challenges modern society and new technologies present to today’s spies.

With a glossary of spy-talk and an appendix exploring the many facets of Cold War intelligence work, Who’s Who in Espionage casts an authoritative light into the shadows and illustrates just how great a change the art of espionage underwent in less than fifty years. Praise for who’s who in espionage"Careful, and above all, responsible, not at all given to hyperbole, realistic.

Los angeles times“concise, well-written and well-informed” Spying GameChristopher Dobson and Ronald Payne have between them more than 40 years of experience as foreign correspondents. Until now. Following years of research into the world of intelligence, Christopher Dobson and Ronald Payne have profiled more than 300 spies from the likes of MI5, MI6 and the CIA.

Who's Who in Espionage #ad - But the hush-hush nature of the world’s most secretive industry means that most of us have no idea how it really works. From legendary spymaster c to lesser known operatives, like Colonel Z, these stories are too captivating to be taken to the grave. In our fast-paced times, espionage has evolved past the furtive taps on shoulders at Oxbridge.

During the last 15 years they have covered terrorist activity on four continents for The Sunday Times of London, The Daily Telegraph and other numerous newspapers and magazines on both sides of the Atlantic.


Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America

Yale University Press #ad - Years later, vassiliev retrieved his extensive notebooks of transcribed documents from Moscow. The book confirms that Alger Hiss cooperated with the Soviets over a period of years, that journalist I. F. Based on archival material .  .  . And in a gripping introduction, Vassiliev tells the story of his notebooks and his own extraordinary life.

. Stone worked on behalf of the kGB in the 1930s, and that Robert Oppenheimer was never recruited by Soviet intelligence. Shows the huge extent of soviet espionage activity in the United States during the 20th century” The Telegraph. With these notebooks, john Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr have meticulously constructed a new and shocking historical account.

Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America #ad - In 1993, former kgb officer alexander Vassiliev was permitted unique access to Stalin-era records of Soviet intelligence operations against the United States. Along with valuable insight into Soviet espionage tactics and the motives of Americans who spied for Stalin, Spies resolves many long-standing intelligence controversies.

Uncovering numerous american spies who never came under suspicion, this essential volume also reveals the identities of the last unidentified American nuclear spies. Based on kgb archives that have never been previously released, this stunning book provides the most complete account of Soviet espionage in America ever written.

This important new book .  .



iambic Books #ad - Bound to drug boss alhaji, he returns to europe to put the job right, but in Chicago O’Hare Customs gents “blitz” the plane and a courier is arrested. 2019 indiereader Discovery Award Winner. When twenty-something post-grad nick fillmore discovers the zine he’s been recruited to edit is a front for drug profits, he begins a dangerous flirtation with an international heroin smuggling conspiracy and in a matter of months finds himself on a fast ride he doesn’t know how to get off of.

Smuggler #ad - After a bag goes missing in an airport transit lounge he is summoned to West Africa to take a voodoo oath with Nigerian mafia. Smuggler relates the real events behind OITNB. Thus begins a harried yearlong effort to elude the Feds, prison and a looming existential dead end….


Scotland Yard Casebook

Endeavour Media #ad - The introduction of women detectives is also discussed and the difficulties they experienced in establishing their place in a male dominated force. Joan lock closes the gap between the academic police historian and the writer of popular true crime, making this book a fascinating read for crime experts and the general reader alike.

In 1878 the criminal investigation Department replaced Scotland Yard's corrupt and discredited Detective Branch. In this classic story of the early days of detection, and the successes and failures of the new organization, the scandal which preceded it, Joan Lock tells the fascinating story of the creation of the CID, including early cases such as the four murders by Ernest Southey, the ferocious outbreak of dockland killings in 1869 and the more familiar Bravo, Neill Cream and Jack the Ripper crimes.

Scotland Yard Casebook #ad - First world war spy and dear john jealousy murders were followed by Roaring Twenties' swindles and the arrival of motor car bandits — which in turn led to the formation of the Flying Squad and the adoption of mobile wireless telegraphy. Praise for joan lock‘everyone with an interest in police history will know that Joan Lock has written a series of books notable for their perspicacity and immaculate research.

. Scotland yard casebook is a new peak in her career, a fascinating account of the great and not-so-great detectives of a golden age. With a style that is authoritative, dispassionate and witty, Joan Lock has delivered a book of lasting importance.


SUMMARY EXECUTION: The Seattle Assassinations of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes

WildBlue Press #ad - History that a foreign head of state would be held liable for the murder of American citizens on U. S. An incredible true story that reads like an international crime thriller peopled with assassins, a tenacious attorney, murdered witnesses, shady FBI informants, political activists, and a murderous foreign dictator.

Steve jackson, new york times bestselling author of no stone unturnedon june 1, Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes, two young activists, 1981, were murdered in Seattle in what was made to appear like a gang slaying. Federal court that Marcos was behind the assassinations. But the victims' families and friends suspected they were considered a threat to the dictatorship of Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his regime's relationship to the United States.

SUMMARY EXECUTION: The Seattle Assassinations of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes #ad - But how could they prove it up against such powerful, and ruthless, adversaries?In SUMMARY EXECUTION attorney and author Michael Withey describes his ten-year battle for justice for Domingo and Viernes that he fought because “They killed my friends. Follow along as he embarks on a long and dangerous investigation and into the courtroom to obtain convictions of three hitmen, and then prove in U.

S. I thank my friend and colleague Mike for writing it. Vince warren, executive Director, Center for Constitutional Rights. If so, it would be the first time in U. S.


Practical Intelligence: How to Think Critically, Deconstruct Situations, Analyze Deeply, and Never Be Fooled Clear Thinking and Fast Action Book 4

PKCS Media #ad - Neuroscience-proven guidelines to think, act, and become smarter ASAP. And maybe ignorance is bliss. Practical intelligence: how to Think Critically, Analyze Deeply, Deconstruct Situations, and Never Be Fooled5. Learn to ask the intelligent questions, draw insight, and analyze situations. How the body and brain must work together for quick thinking.

What it truly means to think deeply and analyze. How to think about your thinking, and the obstacles that short circuit your good intentions. Science-based techniques to train your brain for optimal performance. Mental models for optimal decision-making. How to train your brain for speed. Tips for divergent and creative thinking - generating ideas.

Practical Intelligence: How to Think Critically, Deconstruct Situations, Analyze Deeply, and Never Be Fooled Clear Thinking and Fast Action Book 4 #ad - At first glance, most things seem fine. It’s not what you know, it’s how you think. You’ve been fooled before. This book provides real, because smart thinking is all about HOW, actionable tool after tool, and not why or what. The art of clear thinking: mental Models for Better Reasoning, Judgment, Analysis, and Learning.

But to think clearly, and effectively - you’ll discover just how much of your life you have been missing, deeply, quickly, for better or worse.


Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst: A True Story of Inside Information and Corruption in the Stock Market

HarperCollins e-books #ad - He recalls the moment he learns that Bernie Ebbers's WorldCom was massively cooking its books. Reingold was part of the "Street" and believed in it. But in this action-packed, highly personal memoir written with accomplished Fast Company senior writer Jennifer Reingold the author describes how his enthusiasm gave way to disgust as he learned how deeply corrupted Wall Street and much of corporate America had become during the roaring stock market bubble of the 1990s.

Confessions of a wall street analyst provides a front-row seat at one of the most dramatic -- and ultimately tragic -- periods in financial history. The book ends with a series of important policy recommendations to clean up the investing business. In the tradition of liar's poker and den of Thieves, Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst is a no-holds-barred insider's account that will open the eyes of every investor.

Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst: A True Story of Inside Information and Corruption in the Stock Market #ad - Reingold recounts his introduction to the world of Wall Street leaks and secret deal-making; his experiences with corporate fraud; and Wall Street's alarming penchant for lavish spending and multimillion-dollar pay packages. Reingold spars with arch rival grubman; fends off intense pressures from Wall Street bankers and corporate CEOs; and is wooed by Morgan Stanley's CEO, John Mack, and CSFB's über-banker Frank Quattrone.

Reingold describes instances in which confidential deals are whispered days before their official announcement. Here is the true story of a top wall street player's transformation from a straight-arrow believer to a jaded cynic, who reveals how Wall Street's insider game is really played. Dan reingold was a top wall street analyst for fourteen years and Salomon Smith Barney analyst Jack Grubman's chief competitor in the red-hot sector of telecom.


Eyes Pried Open: Rookie FBI Agent

Black Rose Writing #ad - In 2005, texas, after working for ten years in a comfortable but mundane corporate job in San Antonio, Vincent Sellers successfully managed to leave behind a dreary cubicle landscape and begin the exciting challenges of a crime-fighting FBI agent. This is the first book to be written from the fresh perspective of an agent who joined the FBI after 9/11.

The book's from-the-heart narrative demonstrates that the typical lifestyle of an FBI agent assigned to a violent crime squad may not be for everyone. His journey is chronicled in Eyes Pried Open: Rookie FBI Agent. Readers will experience both the highs and the lows of an FBI agent working bank robbery, kidnapping, and border-related crimes in San Diego, murder-for-hire cases, California.


Think Like a Psychologist: How to Analyze Emotions, Read Body Language and Behavior, Understand Motivations, and Decipher Intentions The Psychology of Social Dynamics Book 2

PKCS Media #ad - Understand personality traits, emotions, character, and values through pure observation or simple questions. Analyzing people in a flash - it’s not easy, and it’s not simple. Learn to decipher all of it to further your goals. Think like a psychologist is about working backwards from the person in front of you.

You will learn to draw conclusions about people’s emotions, behavior, past experiences, and overall personality and temperament based on small yet important pieces of information. This is the second book in the “The Psychology of Social Dynamics” series as listed below:1. The science of likability: 60 evidence-based methods to Radiate Charisma, Make a Powerful Impression, Win Friends, and Trigger Attraction 2019 Edition2.

Think Like a Psychologist: How to Analyze Emotions, Read Body Language and Behavior, Understand Motivations, and Decipher Intentions The Psychology of Social Dynamics Book 2 #ad - Think like a psychologist: how to analyze Emotions, Understand Motivations, Read Body Language and Behavior, and Decipher Intentions3. The science of social intelligence: 33 studies to Win Friends, Make An Impression, Be Magnetic, and Use People’s Subconscious Triggers4. The science of engineering attraction & Love: Flirt, Date, and Mate Using Human Psychology5.

Introvert survival tactics: how to make friends, be more social, and Be Comfortable In Any Situation When You’re People’d Out and Just Want to Go Home And Watch TV Alone6. Control your emotions: gain balance, Anxiety, and Calm; Find Freedom from Stress, Resilience, and Negativity . But that’s because you don’t know the tools inside this book.


Stalin in Power: The Russian Revolution From Above, 1928-1941

Endeavour Media #ad - Tucker brings a fresh analysis to these events and to the terror of the 1930s, revealing the motives and methods of what he calls the greatest murder mystery of this century. Praise for stalin in power:'the most significant single scholarly contribution made to date, anywhere, Institute for Advanced Study'This is history as it should be written: compelling narrative, to the history of Soviet power' - George Kennan, bold thesis' - Jane Good, intriguing detail, Washington Post'Mr.

In 1939, he concluded the pact with Hitler that enabled him to grasp at Eastern Europe while Hitler made war in the West. Tucker's biography of Joseph Stalin, following Stalin as Revolutionary. This book forms the second volume of Robert C. An extremely valuable contribution to our knowledge' - Robert Conquest, Wall Street JournalRobert C.

This is the best book about stalin that has ever been written and one that is not likely to be superseded in the foreseeable future' — W. The author shows that stalin was a Bolshevik of the radical right whose revolution cast the country deep into its imperial, autocratic past. Tucker was a professor of politics emeritus at Princeton University and president of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies.

Stalin in Power: The Russian Revolution From Above, 1928-1941 #ad - Tucker’s portrait is persuasive, not least because it offers a psychological explanation for Stalin’s relentless persecution of his Bolshevik comrades as well as for the bizarre rituals of the Moscow show trials, in which he forced the revolution’s leaders to confess to absurd crimes' - The Economist'Mr.

Tucker has hunted out the sources, and he has discovered and developed a great deal more than has been generally known.


The Main Enemy: The Inside Story of the CIA's Final Showdown with the KGB

Random House #ad - The clandestine operations they masterminded took them from the sewers of moscow to the back streets of Baghdad, but the action centers on Washington, the CIA’s agents in Moscow began to be killed, starting in the infamous "Year of the Spy"—when, one by one, from Cairo and Havana to Prague and Berlin, up through to the very last man.

Behind the scenes with the cia's covert operations in afghanistan, and for the first time he reveals here what he did and whom America backed, Milt Bearden led America to victory in the secret war against the Soviets, and why. Based on hundreds of interviews with operatives from both sides, The Main Enemy puts us inside the heads of CIA officers as they dodge surveillance and walk into violent ambushes in Moscow.

The Main Enemy: The Inside Story of the CIA's Final Showdown with the KGB #ad - A landmark collaboration between a thirty-year veteran of the CIA and a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, The Main Enemy is the dramatic inside story of the CIA-KGB spy wars, told through the actions of the men who fought them. Bearden was called back to washington after the soviets withdrew from Afghanistan and was made chief of the Soviet/East Euro-pean Division—just in time to witness the fall of the Berlin Wall, the revolutions that swept across Eastern Europe, and the implosion of the Soviet Union.

Laced with startling revelations—about fail-safe top-secret back channels between the CIA and KGB, covert operations in Berlin and Prague, double and triple agents, and the fateful autumn of 1989—The Main Enemy is history at its action-packed best. This is the story of the generation of spies who came of age in the shadow of the Cuban missile crisis and rose through the ranks to run the CIA and KGB in the last days of the Cold War.